The 1st of April is called as Fool's Day in Poland, but for the company Hasborg that day will long be remembered as a step forward.

It was a day of  the meetings with our potential customers from Kazakhstan to demonstrate them the first launch of our cookies production line.

The line consists of the dough preparation system, forming machines, modern hybrid tunnel-oven, cooling conveyors, coating machine and cooling tunnel.

Thanks to this investment we can familiarize our guests with the cookies production process and show what confectionery products can be produced by our machines.

Inviting guests from Kazakhstan by our official distributor to the production line's launch event turned out to be a really good idea.  The representatives of 7 companies were pleasantly surprised.

We are proud of ourselves. After all, you know that we are developing not only our offer, but also the approach to the customers.

To come! - To hear! - To touch! - To buy!

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